The Technical Committee are now reviewing all the abstracts. We would like to thank all authors for their time in submitting all the contributions to IHHA STS Conference 2019. We received more than 470 abstracts from over 20  countries for IHHA STS 2019!
Each abstract (submitted for oral or poster presentation) are reviewed and scored by reviewers.

The theme of the 2019 IHHA STS conference in Narvik, Norway is: ‘Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels’

Call for papers

It became very clear at the IHHA Conference held in Cape Town, 2017, that the fourth industrial revolution, characterised by automation, 3D printing, real time monitoring, big data analytics, digital solutions, etc. will surely disrupt the railway industry and transform the way the railway service is provided in the future. It is therefore critical that the railway industry embraces the future, and attempts to capitalize on the emerging technological advancements, to maintain a competitive advantage so we can serve our customers better.

‘Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels’ presents a perfect opportunity for the heavy haul community around the world to share solutions and successes that advances and transforms railway operations performance in the digital era.

The theme will encourage delegates to present papers on breakthrough solutions that will strengthen the heavy haul competitive edge, with specific focus on reducing the logistics costs, improving operations efficiency, providing new railway capacity cost-effectively and improving safety.

The scope of solutions presented will also cover operations in extreme weather conditions.

Central to the discussions at this conference is the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on railway personnel. The conference will specifically focus on research and innovations, best practices in areas of operations, maintenance, construction, new material, new design and re-design of existing systems.

‘The 4th industrial revolution is here; the future is now.’

On behalf of the conference organising committee, we extend a warm invitation to you and your associates to participate in this forthcoming International Heavy Haul STS Conference.

We look forward to personally welcoming you to Narvik in June 2019.

Time plan / Schedule

1st March 2018 – Invitation to write an abstract

1st October 2018 – Abstract close

1st December 2018 – Notification to authors

1st March 2019 – Final paper and poster submission

June 2019 – Conference

Call for Abstract

From 1st March 2018 we invite authors to submit an abstract for this forthcoming International Heavy Haul STS Conference in Narvik.

The Technical Committee will start the review process for all abstracts that are submitted. Notifications will then be sent to all authors.

If your Abstract has been accepted for an Oral or Poster Presentation you are required to complete and upload the Full Technical Paper or Poster.

Authors that do not receive notification, regarding their abstract, by 1st December 2018, should contact the Secretariat for clarification.

Abstract submissions closed.

Technical Papers

You have to prepare your paper according to the Technical Paper Template and guidelines and then submit your paper online.

Click HERE to download the TECHNICAL PAPER Template.

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Presentation Template

A standard presentation template with guidelines has been designed for this conference. To ensure uniformity, all presenters are required to use this template for their presentation.

Click HERE to download the PRESENTATION TEMPLATE. (To be comfirmed)

Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik
Chairman of the Technical Committee, Adjunct Professor PhD, R&D Technical systems, Operation and Maintenance Trafikverket, Sweden

The Conference will include Streams that focus on:

Vehicle Track Systems

  • Vehicle/track Interaction
  • Wheel/rail interface analysis, optimisation and management
  • Safety and derailment prevention
  • Condition monitoring
  • Big data analytics with prognostics
  • Automation in HH systems
  • Vehicle/Track Systems and optimisation


  • Track maintenance
  • Track component performance
  • Longitudinal stresses in rails
  • Rail welding
  • Special track work
  • Track geometry
  • Increasing axle loads on existing infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance standards
  • New, re-design, new materials

Bridges & Tunnels

  • Bridge management systems
  • Bridge rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Bridge loading
  • Structural Health monitoring of bridges
  • Condition and structural performance assessment
  • Tunnel operations, management and maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials


  • Network Capacity and Operational Efficiency
  • Long haul trains
  • Train control and capacity optimisation
  • Heavy Axle Loading (HAL) Economics
  • Signalling
  • Electrification technology
  • Security and Safety
  • Service Reliability
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Rolling Stock

  • Wheels, axles & bearings
  • Wagon design and maintenance
  • Brake systems
  • Detector-based wagon maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Motive Power, Traction and Energy Efficiency

  • High horsepower Locomotives
  • Locomotive maintenance and reliability
  • Traction power supply
  • Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Heavy Haul under Extreme Conditions

  • Hot and cold environment
  • Impact from climate changes

Human Factors

  • Skills, training and safety impact in relation to 4.0