The theme of the 2019 IHHA STS conference in Narvik, Norway is: ‘Heavy Haul 4.0 – Achieving Breakthrough Performance Levels’.

We have now concluded the abstract review process. All corresponding authors will be notified about the outcome of their submission. If you as an author have not yet received a notification message, please contact

How to upload your presentation and CV

Please upload your files by 28 May at the latest.

Each presenter will receive an email from the IHHA Narvik 2019 DropBox account:

  1. Name your PowerPoint presentation file and CV file with the individual paper submission ID number that you used in EacyChair.
    Example: IHHA2019_Presentation_ID123 and IHHA2019_SpeakerCV_ID123
  2. Upload both files on the IHHA Narvik 2019 Dropbox link you have received.
  3. Please confirm that you have successfully uploaded your files by sending an email to:
    Please use the same ID number as in the file name, in the subject of that confirmation email.
    Example, Subject: IHHA2019 ID123 confirmation, Presentation and CV uploaded to conference
  4. If you have any questions – please contact

Please note that the time limit for oral presentations, including questions, is 20 minutes.

Poster session

Your posters have been downloaded from EacyChair and will be included in the proceedings.

At the poster session you will have the opportunity to stand by your poster to answer questions and discuss your results and findings with the conference delegates. Detailed information of the different time slots for each poster id number will also be published in an updated conference program. Your poster will also be printed on a roll-up stand and will be available at the conference poster session area for your convenience.


On behalf of the Technical Committee I want to thank all authors for their time and effort in submitting a contribution to IHHA STS Conference 2019.

We received 472 abstracts from 24 countries for the IHHA STS 2019!

Each abstract (submitted for oral or poster presentation) was reviewed and scored by reviewers. A final and average score out of maximum 67 score points was calculated for every abstract. Abstracts were then ordered from the highest to the lowest score. For the oral presentations, the top 151 abstracts were selected. For the poster presentations, the next 57 best abstracts were selected to be invited for poster presentation.

Per-Olof Larsson-Kråik
Chairman of the Technical Committee, Adjunct Professor PhD, R&D Technical systems, Operation and Maintenance Trafikverket, Sweden

Presentation Template

A standard presentation template with guidelines has been designed for this conference. To ensure uniformity, all presenters are required to use this template for their presentation.



The Conference will include Streams that focus on:

Vehicle Track Systems

  • Vehicle/track Interaction
  • Wheel/rail interface analysis, optimisation and management
  • Safety and derailment prevention
  • Condition monitoring
  • Big data analytics with prognostics
  • Automation in HH systems
  • Vehicle/Track Systems and optimisation


  • Track maintenance
  • Track component performance
  • Longitudinal stresses in rails
  • Rail welding
  • Special track work
  • Track geometry
  • Increasing axle loads on existing infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance standards
  • New, re-design, new materials

Bridges & Tunnels

  • Bridge management systems
  • Bridge rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Bridge loading
  • Structural Health monitoring of bridges
  • Condition and structural performance assessment
  • Tunnel operations, management and maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials


  • Network Capacity and Operational Efficiency
  • Long haul trains
  • Train control and capacity optimisation
  • Heavy Axle Loading (HAL) Economics
  • Signalling
  • Electrification technology
  • Security and Safety
  • Service Reliability
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Rolling Stock

  • Wheels, axles & bearings
  • Wagon design and maintenance
  • Brake systems
  • Detector-based wagon maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Motive Power, Traction and Energy Efficiency

  • High horsepower Locomotives
  • Locomotive maintenance and reliability
  • Traction power supply
  • Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Heavy Haul under Extreme Conditions

  • Hot and cold environment
  • Impact from climate changes

Human Factors

  • Skills, training and safety impact in relation to 4.0