Technical Content

Vehicle Track Systems

  • Vehicle/track Interaction
  • Wheel/rail interface analysis, optimisation and management
  • Safety and derailment prevention
  • Condition monitoring
  • Big data analytics with prognostics
  • Automation in HH systems
  • Vehicle/Track Systems and optimisation


  • Track maintenance
  • Track component performance
  • Longitudinal stresses in rails
  • Rail welding
  • Special track work
  • Track geometry
  • Increasing axle loads on existing infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance standards
  • New, re-design, new materials

Bridges & Tunnels

  • Bridge management systems
  • Bridge rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Bridge loading
  • Structural Health monitoring of bridges
  • Condition and structural performance assessment
  • Tunnel operations, management and maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials


  • Network Capacity and Operational Efficiency
  • Long haul trains
  • Train control and capacity optimisation
  • Heavy Axle Loading (HAL) Economics
  • Signalling
  • Electrification technology
  • Security and Safety
  • Service Reliability
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Rolling Stock

  • Wheels, axles & bearings
  • Wagon design and maintenance
  • Brake systems
  • Detector-based wagon maintenance
  • New design, re-design, new materials

Motive Power, Traction and Energy Efficiency

  • High horsepower Locomotives
  • Locomotive maintenance and reliability
  • Traction power supply
  • Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Heavy Haul under Extreme Conditions

  • Hot and cold environment
  • Impact from climate changes

Human Factors

  • Skills, training and safety impact in relation to 4.0